Who We Are

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Whatever the project, SWD aspires to create a better place in which to work, practice, play, eat, shop, or live.

Interior Design with SWD is the thoughtful creation and manipulation of space. It requires teamwork and an open relationship between the designers and clients. It is a mysterious blend of creativity, pragmatism, style, budget, and detail.

We design with a simple, ceaseless aspiration to create for and with our clients, to combine ideas in new ways and to do so with the strong sense of aesthetic and professional integrity.

Split Watermelon designs are true expressions of a brand, a goal, a cause, a purpose, and a function. SWD solutions are inspired by the client and work to meet a program objective with efficiency and clarity. Our projects are designed with sensitivity to effectively manage time and budget challenges, thus we work in conjunction with our clients for the best outcomes.

Our broad range of skills go beyond architecture and interior design, and include concept development, exhibit design, product and packaging design, furniture and lighting design. Our dedicated professionals will guide you through the entire design process with well coordinated drawings, specifications, budget worksheets, and schedules.

Split Watermelon Design can

  • coordinate a holistic design scheme including interiors, branding and signage
  • assemble teams of consultants to implement grand projects and concepts
  • design for new buildings or renovate old ones
  • offer a cost efficient alternative for restyling spaces
  • increase efficiency of space
  • produce designs that reflect fashionable style for today and beyond
  • create an environment to enhance staff morale and productivity
  • project manage minimising inconvenience to clientele and operations
  • customise any piece of your project from furniture and wallpaper to screens and feature lighting