Peter Harper

General Manager - Club Cronulla

“We just did not want to be a typical club, like so many other clubs are! We commissioned Split Watermelon for their profession approach in bringing our thoughts and visions to conceptual designs.

Well the new Club Cronulla is different to our competitors! And everything we hoped for has been achieved. Club Cronulla’s décor has captured the many compliments of our members and guests alike. The design and furnishings has created an ambience of a place to be which is reflected in our membership doubling over the last two years. A struggling Bowling Club, now a profitable business.  Club Cronulla has become one of the most popular venues in the area and we continue to attract new patronage from all over Sydney.

Finally, I can say that without the professionalism by all concerned in our venture, and in particular, Sue’s insight and vision in providing the right venue in the right area, we very well may have struggled along in a very, very difficult environment, as so many Clubs have done in recent years.”

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